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What is Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out

Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out is a great game for anyone that likes to play with their friends. It has the perfect combination of strategy and luck that will keep you entertained for hours on end. You can either play by yourself or against someone else, so it’s good for people who like to be competitive as well as those who want to take things slow and steady. The set comes with five different power rangers, each of which has special abilities, so there are plenty of options when it comes to deciding how you want your team lineup to look. 


The Power Ranger movie series is one of the most iconic children’s television shows in history! This new game is sure to get fans excited about this next generation of Power Rangers!

What is the Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out?

Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out is a collectible card game that’s based on the popular children’s show of the same name. It has characters both old and new, which helps to engage fans of different age groups! The flip mechanic is one of the most unique aspects and functions as a sort of wildcard. You can use it as any other character you need, which provides more opportunity for strategy and planning than just about any other card game we’ve ever played!

What makes Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out different from other card games is that it flips the entire notion of winning and losing on its head. When you think about it, most card games are won by destroying all your opponent’s characters. Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out turns this idea on its head by having players win if they have no characters left when their opponent runs out of cards in their deck! This provides a whole new level of depth to an already great game, making it more fun for everyone around the world!

Who can play it?

Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out is great for just about everyone! It’s perfect for gamers to play with friends and family, but it also makes a fantastic addition to your next party! It has an easy set up that takes just minutes, so anyone can jump into the game in no time at all. The rules are complex enough to keep things interesting without being too difficult, making it accessible for gamers of all ages!

If you’re looking for something fun to do with your kids or perhaps you want to try out this card game before buying it, Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out lets players learn how to play in what seems like only seconds! That means there isn’t any learning curve whatsoever and anyone can get going right away.

How to Play Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out

Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out is a card game that takes place in the world of the Power Rangers. The characters in this set are all from Power Ranger: Samurai and Power Ranger: Super Samurai, so it’s perfect for fans of both series! Each player gets to be one of the rangers from either team, which means you can swap out your team members to suit your playstyle!

The starting player flips four cards off the top of their deck and then chooses two to keep while giving the other two cards to their opponent. Players then take turns playing any number of characters from their hand, setting them face up on the table. The goal is to clear out your opponent’s characters without losing all of yours. If a player loses all of their characters, they lose the game!

One element of Power Rangers Samurai Flip Out is that every three turns you flip all the cards in your discard pile face up so you can get them back into your hand