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General Purpose Spill Kits

The general purpose spill kit can be used in any situation from small spills to large ones so that your environmental commitments will always be met no matter what happens.

Hazchem Spill kits

SPILL KITS are available in an extensive range of sizes to ensure that you will be able to find a kit for yourself. Kits come with all the necessary components and absorbents, so it’s easy as possible when disaster strikes! A chemical spill kits also known as Hazchem Spill Kit Emergency Eyewash Singapore can help minimize risk at industrial facilities or warehouses by providing durable response equipment capable of going directly into hazardous areas where there has been oil spills on site without needing any additional transport needed from elsewhere first before getting started clean up efforts right away

– they’re perfect if your company produces chemicals themselves too since these types typically contain little or no dust

Its comes with different sizes such as








What materials are required for spill cleanup?

The three components in a typical spill kit include: absorbent material such as paper towels or cardboard;Containment vessel, which will help contain and transfer the liquid from one place to another (e.g., bucket); Cleaning detergent that breaks up any fatty oils responsible for sticking around after an accident has been cleaned up sufficiently with other methods like vacuuming excess particles away before rinsing off surfaces thoroughly under cold running water


In a spill kit, personal protective equipment is always incorporated. Common types of PPE in these kits are shoe covers/booties and gloves which can protect you from contact with hazardous substances or lead to prevent exposure if there’s an accident on site. Chemical protection garments such as disposable lab coats made out of plastic so they don’t melt when heated up during cleanup procedures while safety glasses offer eye-protection against irritating fumes like hydrogen sulfide gas released by spilled oil drums for example – this type isn’t recommended though since it masks your senses too much making things difficult at best after the chemical reaction has already occurred! Respirators should also be part…



A universal spill kit is the best choice for most spills. Each type of material absorbs different amounts but all are effective at containing and cleaning up what you have spilled! The difference between an absorbent item, such as sand or sponges which can soak up liquids when moistened by water while pillows work better with oils to form a Danish paste-like substance because they will stick tightly onto fabrics before being washed away in harsh scrubbing motions rather than just spreading around on carpet fibers like bathroom cleanser might do if left unattended