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Plus Size Swim Suits Guidelines

If you are a full figured woman then you will want to consider wearing a plus size swim suit. Nothing looks tackier than a woman who can not fit properly in her swimsuit. The last thing you want is to own a bathing suit that is too small, or is not designed for your body type, and have the upper half spilling out over the side and front. There is help for you and it can be found with an underwire swimsuit.

For a plus sized woman support is the very first thing you will want to consider in your swimsuit. Plus size swim suits are available that give you the support, comfort, and fit that you need. Underwire swimwear is designed with added strength and stability for your body type and will help you improve your posture. In addition, being properly supported will prevent your breasts from bouncing around and make sure you do not incur any tissue damage. Not only that, but you will be surprised to know these styles come in designer fashions and can make you look fabulous around the pool or beach.

Before we recommend some plus size swim suits we need to discuss sizing. You need to get the suit to fit properly or you will be wasting your money. Most women do not understand how to properly fit themselves with upper body undergarments, let alone a swimsuit. Most importantly when try on the swimsuit your breasts should be totally contained within the material. Make  fashion sure the underwire completely covers the underside of your skin without any gaps while not being too tight. Also, the front should never be pulled away from the skin. If you do not get fit properly you will be miserable in your swimwear, and it can also be unhealthy for your posture, back, and neck.

Here are some plus size swim suits that we really like, particularly the underwire swimsuits. The first one is the Trim Shaper one piece bathing suit that offers underwire support. It will also provide you with hip, tummy, and waist minimizing fabric to help with body shaping. We also really like the Miraclesuit line of swimwear with their patented body shaping fabric called Miratex, along with the underwire design. The company claims by wearing their swimsuits you can look ten pounds lighter in ten minutes. For retailers you can visit Old Navy as they have some reasonably priced plus sized underwire suits. They especially feature a halter top underwire that can be add some extra support.

If you are looking for alternative styles of plus size swim suits besides the one piece swimsuits you might want to consider and underwire tankini or bikini. The tankini is really nice for women who want the concealment of a one piece swimsuit but the comfort that two pieces offer. There are some oline retailers who offer these plus sized tankinis such as Always for me, the Swim Outlet, and Aerin Rose. If you are looking for a bolder look then consider a plus sized underwire bikini. Not every plus size figure will look right with this style, but if you have a nice hourglass figure then a plus size bikini will enhance your figure.