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Mico-Logica Alters Our Perception of the Magic of Mushrooms in Oaxaca, Mexico


At the point when we consider mushrooms and the southern Mexico territory of Oaxaca, the main thing which customarily strikes a chord is María Sabina, Huautla de Jiménez and stimulating “sorcery” mushrooms. In any case, gradually that is all changing because of the earth shattering work of Josefina Jiménez and Johann Mathieu in mycology, through their organization, Mico-lógica.

Situated in the town of Benito Juárez, situated in Oaxaca’s Ixtlán region (all the more regularly known as the Sierra Norte, the state’s fundamental ecotourism locale), Mico-lógica’s central goal is triple: to prepare the two Mexicans and guests to the country in the minimal expense amanita shop development of an assortment of mushroom animal categories; to instruct about the therapeutic, healthful and ecological (economical) worth of mushrooms; and to lead continuous exploration in regards to ideal climatic districts and the variety of foundations for mushroom culture.

The French-conceived Mathieu moved to Mexico, and indeed to Huautla de Jiménez, in 2005. “Indeed, coming right to Mexico from France to seek after my advantage in mushrooms appears to be far to travel,” Mathieu clarified in a new meeting in Oaxaca. “Yet, there truly wasn’t quite a bit of a chance to direct investigations and grow a business in Western Europe,” he proceeds, “since veneration for mushrooms had been everything except totally killed by The Church throughout hundreds of years; and I discovered that Mexico actually keeps a regard and appreciation for the restorative and dietary benefit of hongos. Mexico is a long way from mycophobic.”

Huautla de Jiménez is in excess of a five hour drive from the nearest metropolitan focus. Appropriately, Mathieu in the end understood that remaining in Huautla, while holding a notable charm and being in a geographic locale helpful for working with mushrooms, would thwart his endeavors to grow a business and develop inescapable interest in finding out with regards to organisms. Mathieu became discerning of the prospering standing of Oaxaca’s ecotourism networks of the Sierra Norte, and to be sure the Feria Regional de Hongos Silvestres (territorial wild mushroom celebration), held yearly in Cuahimoloyas.

Mathieu met Josefina Jiménez at the late spring end of the week mushroom occasion. Jiménez had moved to Oaxaca from old neighborhood Mexico City in 2002. The two common comparative interests; Jiménez had concentrated on agronomy, and for near 10 years had been working with feasible agribusiness projects in country cultivating networks in the Huasteca Potosina locale of San Luis Potosí, the mountains of Guerrero and the shoreline of Chiapas. Mathieu and Jiménez became business, and afterward soul mates in Benito Juárez.