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Madonnas Adoption including Africa Today

In Africa it seems to be all misery and nothing but problems, in the past few months we have had the attempted assassination of the Somali President, the invasion of Northern Somali towns by Ethiopian troops, continuing ethnic problems is Darfur (Sudan) and more than 20 people have been killed in political clashes in the DR Congo capital, Kinshasa, in the latest round of elections.

To top this off, Madonna has been to Africa to adopt a child called David, throwing Malawi into the worlds media. A group of Malawian charities sought a court injunction to try and block the pop star Madonnas bid to adopt a baby boy. A group of Malawian charities said that pop star Madonnas bid to adopt a boy was illegal and sought a court injunction halting the adoption.

The charity obviously didnt have the power (money, fame?) that Madonna has and the adopted baby arrived in UK recently to start his new and privileged life. They have secured a temporary 18-month custody order from the Malawi courts and hope to adopt him formally. How is adopting individual children from overseas going to help with the bigger problem of rampant child poverty in Malawi? Does it matter? Is this not a case of child trafficking?

Westminster Council, which covers the area where Madonna lives in the UK has stated that they regularly received applications from residents wishing to adopt from overseas. I dont understand – Why is this the case when there are hundreds of child in the UK that need adopting and a home just as much as baby David. Would baby David not be better off in his own extended Muqdisho family and community? Louise Richards, from War on Want, added: “Madonna’s step to adopt the baby is a well-meaning, but misguided act.” In the capital Lilongwe, it was claimed that the courts had improperly waived Malawian laws to allow Madonna and Ritchie custody because of their celebrity status. Two months ago the pop superstar announced she was to donate three million dollars (£1.6m) to the country through the Raising Malawi charity. May that have had something to do with it I ask?

What ever next from this great continent?

Well…. In Rwanda they are starting to use the countrys first litter bins in the capital Kigali. They have appeared in the centre of the city.

Ivory Coast did exceptionally well in the 2006 Soccer World Cup and there is an increasing number of African players in the UK Premier League and throughout Europe.

Increasing oil prices are leading to a boom in certain countries such as Nigeria which is using some of the funds for education and other social programmes (I wont mention recent reports that Nigerian leaders stole 380 billion dollars of oil money in the past 40 years).

Many more African countries are now opening up to attract tourists as the weather is nearly always good and the Safaris and White Water Rafting has to be experienced to believed!

Bono and Live Aid highlighted the problems and the beauty of Africa, while showcasing African talent at a concert in the UK which was echoed around the World.

African debt is decreasing in those countries that has good governments

Once you add African music, dance, food, crafts and culture you have one amazing continent!!!