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Christ & the Bible – Do They Teach the Law of Success?

Have you ever attempted to speak to someone that, with out faith in Jesus Christ, they are headed for hell? You might recognize from experience, that you needed to work around the almost instinctive resistance human beings must listening to such an statement. It’s no longer “fine”… It’s now not politically accurate… It’s not popular to even advocate that human beings are going to die, an awful lot less that they’re going to be punished once they have died. Yet, irrespective of how loving, how affected person, how effective we’d try and be, if human beings can not withstand the fact that they’re misplaced and in chance of everlasting damnation without Jesus Christ, probabilities are that they may be never going so as to reach out to him in real saving religion. And in the event that they don’t reach out to him, they may be misplaced.

A comparable communique hassle exists when trying to address individuals who just obviously assume that they are already right with God; while the human beings in large part being addressed are “born again” and/or “spirit-crammed” Christians. Jesus stated of the Jews, “Because you assert ‘We see’, for that very motive, your sin remains.” (John 9:41 ) Or put another manner, “Because you observed you already comprehend it all, you’ve got already blown all of it.”

One of the saddest things approximately our formulation for salvation is that so lots of them rely closely on us intentionally ultimate our minds to any possibility that we could be wrong Christianity of today, or that we can be misplaced. We are greater or less entreated to “bluff” our manner to heaven via affirming long and loud, and with a show of no doubt that we “realize that we realize that we realize we’re stored”.

But as Paul stated to the Corinthians, “Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” (1 Corinthians 10:12 ) He said to the Romans, “If God spared no longer the herbal branches (that is the “selected” human beings, the Jews), take heed lest he additionally spare not you. Because in their unbelief they were damaged off, and you had been put in their area due to your religion. Do now not be high-minded, but as a substitute display fear (i.E. Humility).” (Romans 11:21, 20)

In the previous article (which I despatched anonymously to loads of professing Christians at the Internet, human beings have been endorsed to listing as many of the commands of Jesus as they may, off the pinnacle in their heads. The experiment become no longer meant to humiliate all of us, however merely to illustrate that, something else we had been taught through our many combined years of contact with the church, we’ve no longer been taught to obey Jesus. The maximum commands said became 4.

It is simple to get Christians to mention “Amen” and to shout encouragement once they suppose the preacher is doing a great job of declaring mistakes within the “competition”: i.E. Non-Christian religions, Catholics, Mormons, JWs, and any quantity of other teachings within the Protestant churches that they themselves do no longer subscribe to. But every one has a sacred vicinity of “reality” which cannot be questioned. If the preacher receives too close to that place, there are fireworks.

Real fact isn’t like that. Real reality can tolerate being questioned. Even Jesus himself said, “You may be forgiven for no longer believing that I am who I declare to be.” He allowed room for humans to question his rightness. But he went on to mention, “What can’t be forgiven is when you face up to the voice of God speaking to you in the secret area of your personal coronary heart.” (Matthew 12:31 ) That is what had passed off to the Pharisees. They had become spiritually numb through an obsession with “religious” faith. As a end result, they have been not capable of understand the voice of God Himself, whether he become talking thru John the Baptist, Jesus, or all people else. All that mattered to those counterfeit believers changed into orthodoxy or affiliation.

Some of you have got been capable of admit that this collection of anonymous articles has revealed a vulnerable place of teaching within the church these days; however that is about as some distance as the revelation goes. It is as although the teachings of Jesus are but one thing of a many-faceted religion that includes the institutional church in a single form or any other. After all, if we didn’t have the church to turn to, who should we flip to? (Dare I say Jesus?)

Take time to look at the lessons of Jesus as contained inside the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew five, 6 & 7) and try and consider what the “church” might be like if professing Christians all around the world started to take the teachings of Jesus actually.

I have listed below a few forty instructions of Jesus, to get humans considering what it’s miles that he taught. Do you observed that your church and your pastor might be amongst the ones encouraging people to comply with these commands? Or is it much more likely that they might be among the ones arguing towards at the least a number of the instructions of Jesus. And what approximately yourself? Do you experience yourself becoming protecting approximately some of the instructions within the listing? Do you sense willing to argue against them, or to discover some different manner to escape their far-attaining implications?

The factor being made with this article is that it is able to not be just some small region of Christianity that we have overlooked, however as a substitute that we may additionally have end up recognized with a motion this is almost unanimously opposed to the proper Christ… The Cornerstone of our faith. And on the way to align ourselves yet again with the true Christ, we may additionally have to take a stand against the entire body of Christian culture.